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WTF! It’s April Fools Day

WTF! It’s April Fools Day, Why Not?

I figure that it’s April Fools Day so WTF. Might as well post a gallery of babes that were interesting but a little too outre, weird, disturbing, or just plain crazy to post in the normal course of events. Continue reading

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Treating Coulrophobia

Treating CoulrophobiaTreating Coulrophobia Through Exposure Therapy

Coulrophobia – that’d be the real but not formally recognized as a diagnosis fear of clowns – is easily treated through the use of exposure therapy. One just has to be exposed to clowns in a context that strips away or replaces the anxiety. Continue reading

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Try Some Exotic Food

Try Some Exotic Food

It’s a brand new year. Try something a little different, a little outside your comfort zone. Perhaps you might start with expanding your palate and trying some exotic food. Continue reading

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Wake Up!

Cyrus TittiesWake Up, Everyone!

OK, one way or another I’m guessing Miley Cyrus flashing her smallish tits is sure to wake you up. You may now go about your day. 😉
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She Loves Pumpkin

PumpkinShe Loves Pumpkin

Like many goth babes, Scar 13 loves Halloween. She’s also got quite an unusual fondness for pumpkins and by unusual I mean hot and freaky. Continue reading

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