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The Elegance Of Strength

So strong, so feminine, so elegantThe Elegance Of Strength

Russian photographer Vladimir Arkhipov has blended strength, the feminine, and elegance in this delightful composition. Continue reading

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Auto-Body Work

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Some Much-Needed Auto-Body Work

If you’ve got a vehicle, it’s more than likely that, sooner or later, you’ll need to have some mechanical work done upon it. That’d be a lot more pleasant if there were more mechanics like these babes. Continue reading

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Cougar Hunting

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Cougar Hunting

Here at World of Hotness we’re strong proponents of safe, responsible hunting, so we would normally endorse taking all reasonable precautions when hunting dangerous game. In the case of hunting cougars, however, we have to say to just throw caution to the winds and go for it. In the end of the day, it’s all to the good whether you bag the cougar or she bags you. 😉 Continue reading

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Hardbodies Vs. Softbodies

Hardbodies vs. Softbodies – which do you prefer? Take the survey below and let World of Hotness know.
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If you have another specific flavor of babe you’d like to see more of, please use the comments to ask for it.

Please remember, however, that these should be personal choices. There’s no point or gain in arguing matters of taste with others. There’s a whole, wide world of hotness out there and in it is something for everyone to enjoy. Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day

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Hoping You Have a Hot and Happy Boxing Day

OK, I know that Boxing Day – in some ways a last vestige of Rome’s Saturnalia – has absolutely nothing to do with the combat sport of boxing. It’s just that I could neither resist the play on words nor the excuse to post some fine, fit, hotties who’re sure to be knockouts. 😛 Continue reading

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