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Well-Stuffed Christmas Stockings

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Well-Stuffed Christmas Stockings

It’s just not Christmas without Christmas stockings and, the more well-stuffed they are, the better and more delightful they are. Continue reading

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Time To Open The Stockings

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Time To Open The Stockings

It’s Christmas morning and one of the first orders of pleasure – after some coffee, of course – is to open the Christmas stockings and check out the stocking stuffers we’ve been given this holiday season. Continue reading

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Stocking Stuffers

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It’s Time For Some Stocking Stuffers

It’s getting to be close to Christmas time and, as such, it’s good time to be looking for some stocking stuffers. Continue reading

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Proud Piebald Beauty

This I will say without reservation or caveat – courage is sexy. It will take its proper place of precedence over mere form and figure.

Auriga is Piebald and ProudAuriga Redefines Hotness With Courage

Most women suffering from vitiligo would go to great lengths to hide themselves, not Auriga however. This couragous and seriously hot Black babe has no fears of- or qualms about displaying herself for our enjoyment. Continue reading

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A Modern Christmas

Modern XmasA Modern Christmas Is Nice Too

Christmas, centered as it is on hearth, home, and family, has long had a certain look associated with it that is somewhat old fashioned, slightly kitchy, and more than a little country. Happily, Kennedy Summers shows us that Christmas looks just as good in a modern, urban setting. Continue reading

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