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Star Wars Day

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May The 4th Be With You

It’s been 38 years since Star Wars debuted in theaters – I saw it on the 5th though – on Friday, May 4, 1979. 38 years…and hotter than ever. Continue reading

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Daisy’s A Little Rebel

Daisy's A Little RebelDaisy’s A Little Rebel

More than a little unexpectedly geeky, Daisy Haze is a sassy, little rebel. At least that’s the way I interpret her having the Rebel Alliance logo tattooed where she does. Continue reading

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Send More Stormtroopers

Hot DroidSend More Stormtroopers

I think we need to send more stormtroopers. The ones we sent reported that they found the droid that they were looking for but we haven’t heard from them since.

Any volunteers? Continue reading

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Forget The Droids

Lesbian Stormtroopers Cosplay

Forget The Droids

Lord Vader will not be amused by these two Stormtroopers deciding that they had better things to look for than a couple of rogue droids. Continue reading

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Disney Didn’t Know

Disney has bought Lucasfilms, the producers of the Star Wars franchise. Disney didn’t know, however, what they were getting into.

Fangirl HawtnessStar Wars Fangirl Hawtness

I just really don’t think that Disney understood the effect that Star Wars has always had on the geek grrls out there. Continue reading

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