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Interesting Weather

Interesting Weather - Cold enough for fur but warm enough for nothing elseWe’re Having Some Interesting Weather

We’re certainly having some interesting weather in the Northeastern US right now. It’s cold enough for a woman to wear fur and warm enough for her to wear nothing else. Continue reading

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And Another Cold Snap

Lucia Javorcekova enjoys a cold snapAnd Another Cold Snap

Spring? Warm Weather? What are these things? Up here in NYC we got a taste of them earlier in the week, but we’re in another cold snap. Makes a man – and a number of women – wish for someone like Slovakia’s Lucia Javorcekova to help them deal with the cold weather. Continue reading

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You Still Need A Sweater

You Still Need A Sweater

It may be nearing the end of February, but itโ€™s still pretty cold and you still need a sweater. Fortunately, sweaters suit the season and heat things up very nicely indeed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Continue reading

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The Weather!

The Weather SucksThe Weather Sucks!

This year’s Spring is quite frustrating so far. The weather well and truly sucks, with the frequent rains and the near constant temperature swings, swings that never quite seem to reach the category of warm.

Still, to put a nicer spin on things and to search for this cloud’s silver lining, babes having trouble deciding how much to wear – and adjusting it throughout the day – is more than nice. Continue reading

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Moving Gingerly Towards Spring

We’re Moving Gingerly Towards Spring

There weather may still be quite uncertain, with warm and cold spells coming frequently and lasting but short times. Yet, the trend is, as is always to move through the season. Hence, I’d say that we’re gingerly moving towards it actually being Spring by metrics other than the calendar. Continue reading

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