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She Should Cut Down

Smoking Hot LesbianShe Should Cut Down

OK, I’m both a smoker – about a pack a day – and am not a fan of New Years Resolutions…but this babe really needs to consider a resolution to cut down on her smoking. If you can’t wait until after your sweet, lesbian lover finishes you off before lighting up, you just might have a problem. Continue reading

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Detention Has Changed

Detention Has Changed Detention sure has changed a lot in the intervening decades since I was in school. I can’t completely vouch for the shackles, but I know we weren’t allowed to smoking during detention – though my high school … Continue reading

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Smoking Hot Babes

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Smoking Hot Babes

Some people claim that smoking is a dirty habit. OK. For myself though, these smoking hot babes’ dirty habit is no detractor from their beauty or eroticism – quite the opposite in point of fact. Continue reading

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One Smoking Hot Angel

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Emily’s One Smoking Hot Angel
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Emily Scott certainly provides strong evidence that Australia is Heaven on Earth. Any land with smoking hot angels like her must be Divine. Continue reading

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Monkeyfucking Hipsters

In general I find hipsters to be annoying. Like all subcultures, however, they’re not monolithic and some can be downright nice to look at.

Monkeyfucking HipstersMonkeyfucking Hipsters

Two tatted up hipster babes monkeyfucking their cigarettes while holding their PBRs (blech!) in a wading pool may not be ironic but it sure has a certain level of hotness. Continue reading

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