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Filed Under “Oh My!”

Oh MyFiled Under “Oh My!”

As longtime perusers of World Of Hotness can probably attest, I’m not real a fan of skinny, little babes. That being said, the only words that come to my mind when seeing Mila’s photoshoot are, “Oh my!” Continue reading

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Cartography Is Beautiful

CartographyCartography Is Beautiful

Cartography isn’t just a science; it’s beautiful as well, at in my opinion. Then the World of Hotness is based upon a cartographic theme. 😉 Continue reading

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Good Bones

It’s long and often been said that the one incontrovertible foundation of beauty is bone structure, i.e., that good looks are built upon good bones.

She's got good bone structure. Not enough meat on them but a baby, two, or three will fix thatShe’s Got Good Bones

This babe may well prove the truth of that age old assertion. She’s got damn good bones, especially her fine hips. Admittedly, she’s got a bit less meat on them then I prefer…but that’s nothing that a baby or three won’t fix. Continue reading

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They’re Easily Fixable

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They’re Easily Fixable

It is a fact that we sometimes find a babe who is, overall, stunning and who has captured our hearts but who is just too skinny. That’s sad but it’s a correctable condition. These little spinners and waifs are easily fixable. Just knock them up!

Hehehe…Just fill ’em up and they’ll fill out quite nicely. Nothing works better for giving a woman a few more curves and lot more plush hotness than a baby or two … or three or so. And it a damn pleasant way of correcting the situation 🙂 Continue reading

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It’s All In The Attitude

Zsanett Tormay being oh so sassyIt’s All In The Attitude

Most who know me know that I display a marked preference for softer-bodied, curvier women. The content of World Of Hotness goes a distance in supporting that assumption.

That being said, curvy vs. skinny is a preference, not religious dogma or an obsession. And the end of the day it’s all in the babe’s attitude and Hungarian-born Zsanett Tormay, skinny or not, has that in spades. Continue reading

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