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Hot Coffee!

Hot Coffee - That'll wake up most men and not a few womenHot Coffee!

Hot coffee! It’s a tried and true way to wake up in the morning and the way Burning Angel serves it up is sure to put a smile on most people’s faces. Continue reading

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Dre And Mamo Beware

 Phurba Tatted BabeDre And Mamo Beware! She Has A Phurba

Dre, Mamo, Drib-Dag, Shing-Dag, Nas-Dag, Doen, Gegs, and an unbelievably large and diverse plethora of demons and hostile spirits listed in Tibetan Buddhism’s Iha Srin De Gyad should beware since this hottie has a Phurba tattooed into her so delectable flesh. Continue reading

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The Good Talk

ScribblesThe Good Talk

As all of guys know, your woman telling you that you need to talk is normally a signal that things have gone pear shaped and trouble is about to fall upon you like a ton or so of bricks. But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Not all such talks are bad.

You might be lucky and receive the Good Talk, that being the one when your girl looks at you and says, “I want to be Milf. Give me a baby.” Continue reading

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A Ghetto Angel

Ghetto AngelA Ghetto Angel

Speaking as someone who’d lived in the hood for over a decade, I can testify that it’s not all squalor and hellishness. It has its bits of heaven and its angels. Continue reading

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Somewhere Warm

Tropical Blackish BabeMeanwhile, Somewhere Warm

Sadly, I don’t know exactly where that somewhere is. It could be the Caribbean or it could be any number of places in Central or South America. Continue reading

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