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The Morning, She Is Risen

She Is RisenThe Morning, She Is Risen

The morning, she is risen cloaked in the fire of the morning sun. Kneel before her, Sons of Man, and worship her. Continue reading

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Dear Diary

Dear DiaryDear Diary

Sometimes it’s the intimate moments, such as watching her write in her diary, that are more important and more romantic than sex. Continue reading

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Concentrated Romance

Concentrated RomanceConcentrated Romance

I like to think of this as concentrated romance – a beautiful, pale brunette, pearls, and a red rose. Continue reading

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Nothing Beats Furs

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Nothing Beats Furs

While certain sorts will stridently and vociferously complain about it, nothing beats furs for draping your woman in during the cold weather. Continue reading

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A Fine Romantic Evening

Romantic Evening

This looks to be the start of a fine, romantic evening – one that will end very well and with its participants very sated. Continue reading

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