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Hardbodies Vs. Softbodies

Hardbodies vs. Softbodies – which do you prefer? Take the survey below and let World of Hotness know.
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If you have another specific flavor of babe you’d like to see more of, please use the comments to ask for it.

Please remember, however, that these should be personal choices. There’s no point or gain in arguing matters of taste with others. There’s a whole, wide world of hotness out there and in it is something for everyone to enjoy. Continue reading

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Chocolate Or Caramel?

Black girls come in so many shades or flavors. It’s really amazing. Which flavor one prefers really comes down to matter of taste and, hence, cannot be truly argued.

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Fine Dark Chocolate

There’s Black babes that are dark and rich like a fine chocolate.

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Sweet Creme Caramel

And there’s lighter, caramel skinned Black babes that look so sweet.

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Amazingly, though such the are purely matters of taste, the question of chocolate vs. caramel has been one that has caused a lot pain and suffering throughout modern Western history. Continue reading

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Clean or Dirty?

There are two disparate memes in erotic images that are in something akin to opposition to each other: women bathing and women covered in dirty, mud, or something.

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Clean Girls

Do you prefer the intimate and beautiful?

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Dirty Girls

Or do you prefer the more uninhibited and wild? You can make your choice known via the poll below.

[poll id="2"] Continue reading

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