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Atlantis Rising?

Perhaps a scout for Atlantis?Atlantis Rising?

Is Atlantis rising after all those long aeons? Could this pierced, redheaded maven rising from the sea, draped as she is in precious metals, be a scout for lost Atlantis? Continue reading

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Just Drifting Along

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Just Drifting Along
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With all the stress in life, I think this sweet Latina has the right idea. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just lay back and drift along. Continue reading

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Full Sail!

Full SailFull Sail!

Now there’s a brunette hardbody who knows how to sail the seas of the World of Hotness -standing proud and tall at the bow, sun and spray adorning her, and under full sail. Continue reading

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Nice Nereids

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Some Very Nice Nereids

OK, I’ve posted about Naiads more than once. Let’s, hover, never forget their marine cousins, the Nereids. Continue reading

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