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Cute And Kittenish

Kittenish CutieShe’s So Cute And Kittenish

Isn’t she just the cutest and kittenish little Nekomimi babe ever? Well, sort of Nekomimi. I suppose it takes more than cat ears. 😉 Continue reading

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It’s National Cat Day!

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As It’s National Cat Day

As it’s National Cat Day here in America – and Halloween weekend – it seems a good time to show a little nekomimi appreciation. Continue reading

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Kawaī Nekomusume-tachi

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Kawaī Nekomusume-tachi

I suppose I could have written kawaī nekomimi (cute cat ears) since nekomimi is the japanese pop-culture – really Otaku culture – for cat girls, but I prefer the more proper, Nekomusume-tachi (Daughters of the Cat).

In any event, this is, in my opinion, one of the cuter and more enticing varieties of cosplay. Continue reading

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