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Nake Nula Waun Welo!

PrismHokahey! Nake Nula Waun Welo!

Nope. “Hokahey” doesn’t mean, “Today is a good day to die” in the Lakota language. It means roughly, “Listen up!” “Nake Nula Waun Welo” means, “I am ready for whatever may come.” And, let’s face it; if Suicide Prism is bringing it, I’m ready for it. Continue reading

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Lila Wiya Waste

In the Lakota language, “beautiful woman” is said, “Lila Wiya Waste” (lee-lah wee-yahn wah-shday). Being wise, the men of the Lakota people knew that a beautiful woman warmed a tipi better than any fire.
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Lila Wiya Waste

And since the warriors of the plains tribes raided White settlements for women and some number of White women ran away from those settlements to the tribes, the fact that the fine brunette in these pics, Linda O’Neil whose Eurasian (French, Irish, and Vietnamese), isn’t Native American doesn’t overly detract from the fantasy. Continue reading

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