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After Your Coffee

After Your CoffeeAfter Your Coffee

Now that is possibly the best look to get in the morning. It’s the look that says that, after your coffee, you’re going right back to bed. Continue reading

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Good Morning!

Good Morning!!Good Morning!!

I’m really not a fan of calls or texts first thing in the morning, but one like this from a fine, fit babe would be A-OK. Continue reading

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The Morning, She Is Risen

She Is RisenThe Morning, She Is Risen

The morning, she is risen cloaked in the fire of the morning sun. Kneel before her, Sons of Man, and worship her. Continue reading

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It’s The Weekend!

It's The WeekendIt’s The Weekend!

Well! Somebody sure woke up happy that it’s the weekend. You’ve got to love it when your girl is like that. Continue reading

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It’s Time To Get Up

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It’s Time To Get Up

Yeah, it’s time to get up. That doesn’t, however, necessarily mean it’s also quite time to get out of bed. 😉 Continue reading

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