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Ready For Fatherhood?

Ready For Fatherhood? Because She's Looking To Be A MomReady For Fatherhood?

Yeah, when a cute babe with hips like hers looks at you like that, you’ve got to ask yourself if you’re ready to a father because she’s so looking like she wants to a mom. Continue reading

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An Explosion Of Color

Starting your day with an Explosion Of Color is niceAn Explosion Of Color

Any day that includes – or, better yet, starts off with – and explosion of color can’t truly be described as a total loss. Continue reading

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It’s Spring, Damn It!

It's Spring, Damn It!It’s Spring, Damn It!

It’s Spring, Damn it. The weather needs to warm up and there needs to be more flowers blooming. This extended colder weather is getting old. Continue reading

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Elegance In Dishabille

Elegance In DishabilleElegance In Dishabille

Elegance, when fully dressed and “put together” is not too difficult to achieve. Elegance while in dishabille is another matter all together and those women who can achieve it should be properly respected and cherished. Continue reading

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Send More Stormtroopers

Hot DroidSend More Stormtroopers

I think we need to send more stormtroopers. The ones we sent reported that they found the droid that they were looking for but we haven’t heard from them since.

Any volunteers? Continue reading

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