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Danica – 50 Years Hot

Danica Collins at Age 50Danica Collins, Age 50

Britain’s Danica Collins aka Donna Ambrose is proof that aging need not be feared. At 50 she’s hotter than many women half her age and far more skilled and certainly confident than them as well. Continue reading

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Sexual Education

Here’s a simple piece of advice for any and all young men out there who might read this: seek some practical sexual education.

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Gentlemen, Seek Sexual Education

That’s right! Find yourself a mature women who wants to enjoy and teach a younger man – a cougar in the modern idiom. Both you and your future lovers will thank her for what she’ll teach you.
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Annual Performance Review

I wish she were my bossAnnual Performance Review

There’s a lot to be said against many modern business practices. However, the shift towards less confrontation performance reviews is quite nice. It’s certainly raised employee morale and improved management relations. Continue reading

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Cougar Hunting

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Cougar Hunting

Here at World of Hotness we’re strong proponents of safe, responsible hunting, so we would normally endorse taking all reasonable precautions when hunting dangerous game. In the case of hunting cougars, however, we have to say to just throw caution to the winds and go for it. In the end of the day, it’s all to the good whether you bag the cougar or she bags you. 😉 Continue reading

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Puma Concolor Nigrae

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Puma Concolor Nigrae

Introducing the Puma concolor nigrae, commonly known as the Black Cougar. They are not in the least bit rare and their habitats span all or most environments, but that doesn’t detract from their beauty or majesty. Continue reading

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