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A Party For One

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A Party For One Can Still Be A Party

As you can see, being alone – well, except for an audience – does mean she can’t have a party just for herself. Continue reading

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Party Of One

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Party Of One

Sometimes a babe just wants a party of and for one. They crave a little solo time to love and pamper themselves. Continue reading

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They All Do It

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They All Do It

That’s right! They all do it. All women masturbate. Despite cultural beliefs and prejudices, women masturbate as frequently as men, so much so that the sex-toy market is $15 billion global industry that is expected to reach $52 billion by 2020. Continue reading

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That Detachable Showerhead

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That Detachable Showerhead – Women’s Favorite Invention

I don’t know who first invented the detachable showerhead, nor do I know exactly when it was invented and introduced into the market. What I do know, however, is that it is women’s absolute favorite invention for the home. 😉 Continue reading

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Learning Self-Love

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Learning Self-Love

Yes, I do believe that the ladies need to learn and diligently practice self-loving, preferably starting as young as possible. After all, the more a woman learns to love herself the easier it is for others to love her. Continue reading

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