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Do You Have Trichophilia?

Do You Have Trichophilia?Do You Have Trichophilia?

Do you have Trichophilia? If so, she’s one of the ones for you. But hey! Even if you don’t have a hair fetish, she’s probably one of the ones for you. Continue reading

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A Very Good Beach Morning

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A Very Good Beach Morning
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If there’s a beautiful, Black babe with long, long hair like this enjoying the early sun and surf it’s a very good beach morning indeed. Continue reading

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Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse EffectGreenhouse Effect

While I’m very skeptical about Global Warming, or whatever they’re calling it now, I’ve got to admit that this particular greenhouse effect is heating me up. Continue reading

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Trichophilia – A Fetish That Isn’t A Sickness

Trichophilia, a particular sexual fetish for hair, is one of those fetishes that can hardly be called a sickness or perversion. Continue reading

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A Winter Warm-Up

Something To Warm You UpA Little Winter Warm-Up

You’ve got to love and appreciate a cute, little babe that will go so far to make sure you’re keeping warm this Winter. After all, nothing’s better than a little Winter warm-up to get your blood flowing. Continue reading

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