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A Katosian Summer Day

Katosian Summer DayEnjoy A Katosian Summer Day

Oh yes! I think most of us would better enjoy a Summer day if it included Kato aka Kate Lambert. If it included a beautiful, secluded meadow as well, that would indeed make it even better. Continue reading

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Introducing Kato The Red

Kate Lambert with red hairKato The Red

In truth, for any who make a habit of visiting the World Of Hotness, Kato aka Wales’ Kate Lambert needs no introduction. It’s just that she normally has platinum blond or white hair, not the stunning red she’s boasting this time. Continue reading

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More, More, And More

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More, More, And More

That would be more Kato, more Steampunk and Neo-Victorian beauty, and more Sapphism, this time between Kato and Fate. Continue reading

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Steam Powered Ass

Yep! Another one of Kato aka Kate Lambert. I just can’t seem to get enough of this particular Welsh adult steampunk model.

Kato's Steam Powered AssBehold Kato’s Steam Powered Ass

In this particular case I’m showcasing Kato’s delectable and oh so fuckable ass. Hehe … Those pale cheeks, some delightful place between phat, pert, and tight, are proof of the power of steam. 😉 Continue reading

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Kato’s Breakfast

Kato's Oatmeal BreakfastKato’s Breakfast Oatmeal

Kata aka Kate Lambert seems to know that a good, healthy breakfast, in this case oatmeal is good start to the day. Of course, most of us guys are wondering if she takes cream with her oatmeal…and no too few gals are just wondering if they can lick her bowl 😛 Continue reading

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