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Chag Pasach Sameach

Chag Pasach SameachChag Pasach Sameach

A Very happy and, hopefully, hot Passover celebration to everyone of the Jewish faith who may be reading this. Continue reading

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LeTov uL’Chayim uL’Shalom

Busty Jewish BabeLeTov uL’Chayim uL’Shalom!

LeTov uL’Chayim uL’Shalom! (For Good, and for Life, and for Shalom!) Oh my, yes! Ester is definitely one the chosen people. Continue reading

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Totally Kosher

Totally KosherGo Ahead. It’s Totally Kosher

Yep! Go ahead and dive right in. This striking, Ebony beauty – Raven Venus by film appellation – is totally kosher. Continue reading

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