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Fairy GodMilf!

fairy-godmilf The Fairy GodMilf!
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As it’s Mother’s Day, this is the perfect day to ensure that your girl gets a visit from the Fairy GodMilf. 😉 Continue reading

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Breeding Season

It’s Arguably Breeding Season

Gentlemen, at least in the more temperate parts of the Northern Hemisphere, it can and, in my opinion, should be considered breeding season. In other words, now is the best time to impregnate your woman.

OK, almost anytime is a good time to knock up your wife or girlfriend – or that Milf down the road who wants one more baby before it’s too late. Right now though, you and her would be looking at a late November due date which puts it late enough that she won’t have to go through her last trimester in the hottest months of the year but early enough to beat the Winter weather and its associated risks.

So, Gentlemen, lay ’em down and knock ’em up! 😉 Continue reading

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They’re Easily Fixable

They’re Easily Fixable

It is a fact that we sometimes find a babe who is, overall, stunning and who has captured our hearts but who is just too skinny. That’s sad but it’s a correctable condition. These little spinners and waifs are easily fixable. Just knock them up!

Hehehe…Just fill ’em up and they’ll fill out quite nicely. Nothing works better for giving a woman a few more curves and lot more plush hotness than a baby or two … or three or so. And it a damn pleasant way of correcting the situation 🙂 Continue reading

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