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Ready For Fatherhood?

Ready For Fatherhood? Because She's Looking To Be A MomReady For Fatherhood?

Yeah, when a cute babe with hips like hers looks at you like that, you’ve got to ask yourself if you’re ready to a father because she’s so looking like she wants to a mom. Continue reading

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Rose Hips

Rose HipsRose Hips – Yet Another Beautiful Use

Rose Hips, not just for: herbal teas, jam, jelly, syrup, rose hip soup, beverages, pies, bread, wine, marmalade, and pálinka. Continue reading

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Made For Mother’s Day

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They’re Made For Mother’s Day

With tomorrow being Mother’s Day, here’s 15 beautiful, curvy, softbodied babes who were made for Mother’s Day. Continue reading

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Good Bones

It’s long and often been said that the one incontrovertible foundation of beauty is bone structure, i.e., that good looks are built upon good bones.

She's got good bone structure. Not enough meat on them but a baby, two, or three will fix thatShe’s Got Good Bones

This babe may well prove the truth of that age old assertion. She’s got damn good bones, especially her fine hips. Admittedly, she’s got a bit less meat on them then I prefer…but that’s nothing that a baby or three won’t fix. Continue reading

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Made To Milf

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They’re Made To Milf

With their soft, curvy bodies, full, ripe breasts, and truly baby-birthing hips, these voluptuous babes were made to Milf. They were purpose-built by the Gods for bearing children. And who are we, Gentlemen, to defy the Gods’ will and deny them their destiny? Continue reading

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