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A Better Jihad

A Better Jihad - Jihad By SexJihad Bil Jans Would Be So Much Better

There’s no denying that our world has a problem, Muslim Jihad. That problem, however, is less about the existence of Jihad and more about the nature of it. It’d be so much better – and more effective in all likelihood – if they practices the Jihad of Sex (Jihad Bil Jans) rather than the Jihad of Swords (Jihad bil Saif). Continue reading

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Somali Pirate’s Booty

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Some Somali Pirate’s Booty?
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As this woman is supposedly a Somali, one has to wonder if she’s some pirate’s booty. Of course, if she is, one then has to wonder just how much time said pirate spends pirating vs. how much he spend plundering her fine, chocolate body. 😉 Continue reading

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The Naughty Niqab

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The Naughty Niqab

Courage is sexy and it’s very courageous for these Arab or Persian babes to present themselves in some variety of hijab or niqab and little or nothing else. Continue reading

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Anonymously Yours

One of the restrictions – conceits, really – here at World Of Hotness is that pics of women that do not include their faces are strongly deprecated. I’ve found, however, that exceptions to this rule must be made in the … Continue reading

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