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And Another Cold Snap

Lucia Javorcekova enjoys a cold snapAnd Another Cold Snap

Spring? Warm Weather? What are these things? Up here in NYC we got a taste of them earlier in the week, but we’re in another cold snap. Makes a man – and a number of women – wish for someone like Slovakia’s Lucia Javorcekova to help them deal with the cold weather. Continue reading

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Yep! It’s Still Cold Out

Still Cold OutYep! It’s Still Cold Out

Yep! It’s still cold out, which I suppose is perfectly normal for mid-to-late February in the north. At least Alison Angel shows us that sometimes less is more – and far more efficient at heating – when it comes to winterwear. Continue reading

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Trail Marker

Trail Marker - You're at the right trail headTrail Marker

There may be some oddly heated debate over cairns, but there’s no debating that seeing Adriana like that means that you’re on the right track. Continue reading

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Studying Beauty In Situ

Studying Beauty In SituStudying Beauty In Situ

It really doesn’t matter if you mean in situ in the archeological sense of “not having been moved from its original place;” the artistic sense of “taking into account the site in which it is exhibited;” or the chemical sense of “in the reaction mixture,” when the subject is a beautiful woman like this, that’s the best way to start the study of her. Continue reading

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Clockwork Heat

Carlotta Champagne - Clockwork Orange CosplayWhat’s It Going To Be Then, Eh?

Carlotta Champagne puts a whole new and hotter spin on Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange. I’d sure love to be one of her droogs. 😉 Continue reading

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