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There’s A Wildfire

WildfireThere’s A Wildfire Out There

Be aware, Summertime is a time of increased chances of wildfires, especially when and where redheads may be gathered. 😉 Continue reading

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A Beautiful Beach Morning


A Beautiful Beach Morning
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A Beautiful and bountiful morning at the beach indeed. That’s a great start to almost any day, vacation or otherwise. Continue reading

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The Dark Forest

You can leave but it's doubtful that you'll choose to do so.Welcome To The Dark Forest

Welcome to the Dark Forest. You can leave but, with fine wood nymphs like these, it seems quite doubtful that you’ll choose to do so. Continue reading

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Slipped Into Sapphic Heat

She Slipped Into Sapphic Heat

It’s seems this lovely potter’s friends showed up and she slipped into some fine, messy sapphic heat. It may muddy her sexuality a bit but that’s more than OK. Continue reading

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Isten, Áldd Meg A Magyart!


Isten, Áldd Meg A Magyart!
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Yes, Isten, áldd meg a magyart! (God bless the Hungarians) or, at least, áldja a magyar nők (bless Hungarian women) for their soft, curvy forms, delightful breasts, and smiling, friendly demeanors are already an undeserved blessing upon the World of Hotness. Continue reading

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