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It’s The Weekend!

It's The WeekendIt’s The Weekend!

Well! Somebody sure woke up happy that it’s the weekend. You’ve got to love it when your girl is like that. Continue reading

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Studying Beauty In Situ

Studying Beauty In SituStudying Beauty In Situ

It really doesn’t matter if you mean in situ in the archeological sense of “not having been moved from its original place;” the artistic sense of “taking into account the site in which it is exhibited;” or the chemical sense of “in the reaction mixture,” when the subject is a beautiful woman like this, that’s the best way to start the study of her. Continue reading

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They Don’t Get Passes?

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They Don’t Get Passes?

They used to say that girls with glasses didn’t get passes. Yeah, that’s not true now and I really doubt it was true then either. Continue reading

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Fixing Fashion Week

Milo MoiréMilo Moiré Fixing Fashion Week

As New York Fashion Week 2016 is drawing to a close this evening, now seems a good time to posit how to fix it for the future. I do believe that Switzerland’s Milo Moiré has the right idea. 😉 Continue reading

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Teething Ring

She's Got A Fine Teething RingShe’s Got A Fine Teething Ring

This fine, hot, busty amateur sure has a nice teething ring. Strange how I never considered that babe might like teething on her own nipple piercings. Continue reading

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