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Order The Hamachi

Order The HamachiTrust Me – Order The Hamachi

Really! Trust me on this one. If this is anything like your sushi bar, order the hamachi every single time. Continue reading

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Midnight Snack

Midnight SnackTime For A Midnight Snack

It’s time for a midnight snack…then, maybe some tatale, mandazi, or sambusas. Might even break out some leftover doro wat since a heartier appetite for food will likely be worked up. 😉 Continue reading

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Kiss The Cook!

In America, it’s Thanksgiving and, if you and your woman are hosting tonight’s feast, that means she’s likely going to be working hard in the kitchen most of the day. One, that is itself something to be grateful for. Two, kiss the cook – often and with intent.

Kiss The Cook!

You might also want to consider that pie – nudge, nudge, wink, wink – isn’t just an after dinner treat and won’t spoil your dinner. 😉

Separately, you might just ask yourself why you’re not in the kitchen too, helping make Thanksgiving dinner. C’mon, Gentlemen! Cooking is a basic life skill, not merely something controlled by gender roles. Besides, there’s some truth to phrase, “The way to a woman’s panties is through her stomach.” Continue reading

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Cold Cereal, A Hot Breakfast


Cold Cereal, A Hot Breakfast
(Click to Enlarge)

Oh my! This heavily and beautifully tattooed babe with her frost purple hair definitely shows us all that cold cereal can make for a very hot breakfast. Continue reading

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Nice Brunch

Brunch BoobNice Brunch

That’s one of the great things about Germany. They take brunch seriously and know how to make it very, very nice indeed. Continue reading

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