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Classroom Discipline

Classroom DisciplineClassroom Discipline

It’s good to remember that some teachers believe in a taking a firm hand when it comes to maintaining classroom discipline. 😉 Continue reading

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Motel Fetish?

Motel FetishMotel Fetish?

Motel Fetish? OK. As with all fetishes, I don’t see the point but there’s no point in arguing matters of taste. Continue reading

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Full-On Bimbos

OK, if you don’t like very heavily modified women – in particular, the Bimbo or Barbie fetish – you’re going to want to pass this on by.

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The Total Transformation – Full-On Bimbo

Sure, these babes may have some “issues” but, whether one thinks they’re objectively hot or not, one does have to admit that they’ve gone to very extreme lengths for the sole sake of increasing the hotness in the world. Continue reading

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The Obedient Wife

The Obedient Wife Yes, it’s largely true. Every married man wants at some point to have an obedient wife. The thing we need to hold firmly in our minds is that the most we can reasonably hope for is a … Continue reading

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Detention Has Changed

Detention Has Changed Detention sure has changed a lot in the intervening decades since I was in school. I can’t completely vouch for the shackles, but I know we weren’t allowed to smoking during detention – though my high school … Continue reading

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