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Ahh, Timbuktu

TimbuktuAhh, Timbuktu, How We Miss You

The city-state of Timbuktu, once the gateway to Sub-Saharan Africa and the connection between it and both the Spice Roads and Europe, died the slow, lingering death of economic starvation as trade routes changed. Continue reading

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Soraya’s Three E’s

SorayaSoraya’s Three E’s – Elegant, Exotic, and Erotic

Soraya is truly amazing and delightful. She possessed a demure elegance and an exotic eroticism rarely found in such a young girl. Continue reading

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Try Some Exotic Food

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Try Some Exotic Food

It’s a brand new year. Try something a little different, a little outside your comfort zone. Perhaps you might start with expanding your palate and trying some exotic food. Continue reading

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A Visitor From A Murky Pond

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A Visitor From A Murky Pond

Oh! Look who wandered in from Reflections From A Murky Pond. As always, it’s nice when there’s visitors – especially ones that are exotically hot. Continue reading

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Caravans Of Hotness

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Oh What Wonders The Caravans Carried

Whether it was the 4000 mile long Silk Road which connected East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean and European world, as well as parts of North and East Africa, or the trans-Saharan trade routes that fueled medieval West Africa’s greatest empires, the caravans carried wonders and goods across the world. Continue reading

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