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Happy Hour

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It’s Happy Hour!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Friday and it’s Happy Hour. Put the stress of your work week behind and head out to your favorite pub, bar, or club and raise a drink to the weekend. Continue reading

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Respect Your Bar-Backs

Respect Your Bar-BacksRespect Your Bar-Backs

When you’re out a bar or club, remember to respect your bar-backs. They’re the unsung heroes who assist the bartenders by stocking the bar with liquor, ice, glassware, beer, garnishes, and changing out those kegs. Continue reading

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It’s Beer O’Clock

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It’s Beer O’Clock

Hey! It Friday afternoon and for most of us the work week has ended or is about. It’s most efinitely a great time to hit your favorite bar, pub, or club for some well-earned libations. Continue reading

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Properly Serving Añejo

Properly Serving Añejo TequilaProperly Serving Añejo Tequila

Despite a trend towards complicated cocktails, the proper way to serve añejo tequila is simply. Salt and lemon or lime is the order of the day and añejo is better savored than taken as a quick shot. Continue reading

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In Vino Calor

Rome’s Pliny the Elder gave us the phrase, In Vino Veritas – In Wine There is Truth – in the 14th volum of his encyclopdia, Naturalis Historia during the the 1st century AD, though it’s arguable that Pliny merely appropriated and translated the earlier Greek phrase, “Ἐν οἴνῳ ἀλήθεια” (En oinōi alētheia) used by the 6th century BC poet, Alcaeus.

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In Vino Calor

In any event, while it is true that there is truth in wine, there’s also a great deal of heat, especially when beautiful women are drinking it. Hence, In Vino Calor is as fitting as In Vino Veritas…and that is most definitely a fine truth found in wine. Continue reading

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