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Fox and Serpent

Fox & SerpentFox and Serpent – A Hot Fable

Ahh, the Fox and The Serpent – always beautiful. Let’s just hope and pray that these two tattooed hotties’ cum to a better end than in the original fable. Continue reading

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Those Dreaded White Girls

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Love Those Dreaded White Girls

White girls with dreadlocks is, as is most everything involving the intersection of Blacks and hair, a stupidly weighty sociopolitical “issue.” Be that as it may, and notwithstanding the outrage of many Black women, I think it can be a freaking hot look. Continue reading

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Blessed Beltaine

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Beltaine Blessings
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Am Beannachadh Bealltain. May the fires of the new year bring you safety, joy, prosperity, and fertility. Continue reading

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Dreadfully Hot Babes

Perhaps I’ve a touch of the urban primitive in my soul; or, perhaps, it’s just that I’ve traveled to so many places with different cultures that dreadlocks aren’t off-putting to me.

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12 Dreadfully Hot Babes

I can say without reservation that these 12 babes – 4 Black, 1 mixed-raced, and 7 White – are all sexily rocking their dreads. Continue reading

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