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The 4:1 Ratio Of Hotness

The Ratio Of HotnessThe 4:1 Ratio Of Hotness – 4 Parts Cute To 1 Part Crazy

Yeah, one has to accept that there’s math involved in beauty and hotness. Specifically there’s ratios between cuteness and crazy. Take this slender brunette for example. She’s so cute it hurts but there’s that look in her eyes that says she’s got some crazy waiting for you too. Continue reading

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The Ever-Ogleable Olga

Olga KobzarThe Ever-Ogleable Olga Kobzar

Is Olga Kobzar Russian or Georgian? That’s perhaps an ethnic point of contention since she was born in Tbilisi, Georgia right when they left the USSR and became an independent nation. Yet there’s no contention that this cute and curvy babe is ever-olgeable and a delight to behold. Continue reading

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A Very Cute Surprise

Kendra's got a cute surpriseKendra – A Very Cute Surprise

Yep! Kendra’s got a surprise for everyone. One just doesn’t normally expect such a cute, little blonde liker her to have nipple piercings. It just goes to further show that you can’t judge a book by it cover. Continue reading

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Dear Diary

Dear DiaryDear Diary

Sometimes it’s the intimate moments, such as watching her write in her diary, that are more important and more romantic than sex. Continue reading

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Peeking In On Maiko

Peeking in on MaikoPeeking In On Maiko

Yeah, Maiko Kazano is the sort of babe you set time aside to just peek in on to make sure she’s OK. She’s just so damn cute. Continue reading

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