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Nice Brunch

Brunch BoobNice Brunch

That’s one of the great things about Germany. They take brunch seriously and know how to make it very, very nice indeed. Continue reading

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A Romantic Brunch

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A Romantic Brunch
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Of a Sunday there’s not a lot better than a romantic brunch, since on Sundays there’s not a reason not to head back to bed afterwards to work up an appetite for lunch. 😉 Continue reading

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Brunch Beverage

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Champagne – The Brunch Beverage Of Choice
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As most people know, Sunday brunch is often the most romantic meal of the week. Of course, the beverage served with it is as important as the food, with champagne and champagne cocktails being the drinks of choice.

In this delightful case, the young lesbian babes in question chose to share a delicious riff on the quimosa. 😆 Continue reading

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