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Adam Didn’t Stand A Chance

Adman Didn't Have A ChanceAdam Didn’t Stand A Chance

Have you considered that Adam didn’t stand a chance? There was probably no reasonable expectation that he would have ever said no to anything that Eve wanted. Continue reading

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Happy Holi Everyone

HoliHappy Holi Everyone

OK, this is technically belated since Holi and its Dhuleti – Play of Colors – was yesterday. Still though, outside of India most of the larger celebrations will be tomorrow and Sunday so I don’t feel to bad. Continue reading

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Paint and Removal

Some things are common, such as babes in body paint and babes in the shower. Obviously these are each good things, else they wouldn’t be so common.

In this Hitomi aka Hitomi Tanaka doesn’t disappoint. The Kyushu island born beauty looks wonderful in nothing but body paint and a smile.

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Hitomi All Painted Up

To my joy, however, Hitomi takes it the next step, stepping into the shower to remove the paint for our viewing pleasure.

[nggallery id=369]

Hitomi Getting That Pain Off

Yes! Two things, each common on their own but rare in combination. Thus Hitomi differentiates herself from the pack. Continue reading

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Super Milf Squad

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Super Milf Squad
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Ah! The Triumphant Trio, the Super Milf Squad is out and about and on patrol, making the world a safer, hotter, and more satisfying place for everyone. Continue reading

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Pour Charlie

Pokras Lampas' Islamic 'calligraffiti'Pour Charlie

Politics and most current events really have little, if any, pride of place here are the World of Hotness. However, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre committed by offended Muslims, an exception must be made.

So this one’s for Charlie and, if the Muslims are offended, that says a lot more about and against them than anything else. Continue reading

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