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Full-On Bimbos

OK, if you don’t like very heavily modified women – in particular, the Bimbo or Barbie fetish – you’re going to want to pass this on by.

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The Total Transformation – Full-On Bimbo

Sure, these babes may have some “issues” but, whether one thinks they’re objectively hot or not, one does have to admit that they’ve gone to very extreme lengths for the sole sake of increasing the hotness in the world. Continue reading

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…With Forked Tongue

Sexy Forked-Tongue Suicide Girl…With Forked Tongue

Let’s face facts; speaking is near the bottom of this of things most guys – and I’d wager a surprising number of ladies – would want this tattooed and pierced vixen to do with her forked tongue. 😉 Continue reading

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Look Not To The Stars

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Look Not To The Stars
(Click to Enlarge)

Look not to the stars, gentlemen, in your quest for beauty and wonder. The daughters of Earth can provide for all your desires. Continue reading

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Doctor Who Fan?

Dr. Who Fan MilfIs She A Doctor Who Fan?

The carefully and artfully dyed hair, bolted-on tits, and bellybutton piercing are some evidence that this brunette milf is A-OK with body modifications, a subset of transhumanism, which might indicate that this amateur hottie is also a science fiction fan.

If that’s the case, is she a Doctor Who fan and her scarf her scorching hot rendition of a cosplay outfit? 😆
Continue reading

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The Mummy Returns

What can I say? I want my mummy!


The Mummy Returns – I Hope!

Sure, she’s a bit of train-wreck, or looks like she went through one, but damn!.

Have hot and happy Halloween! Continue reading

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