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Full Sail!

Full SailFull Sail!

Now there’s a brunette hardbody who knows how to sail the seas of the World of Hotness -standing proud and tall at the bow, sun and spray adorning her, and under full sail. Continue reading

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Sailing Away

In the northern hemisphere winter is fast approaching and the weather is decidedly pleasant. It certainly makes one want to just pack it in and sail away to sunnier and happier climes.

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Sailing Away Looks So Good!

And a well-stocked and well-crewed sailing vessel is the best way to go. It might not be as fast or as easy to captain as a motor yatch, but a sail boat has a beauty that can’t be matched. Continue reading

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Gentlemen, Buy A Boat!

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Gentlemen, Buy A Boat!

Gentlemen – and you ladies who love ladies – what can I tell you? Buy a boat. No matter the expense or the headaches involving maintenance, upkeep, and storage, it’s obviously a purchase that pays for itself in hotness. Continue reading

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