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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

It’s 2017’s Groundhog Day! And, while this is primarily an American “holiday,” it’s nice to see a Latvian beauty – Sabine Jemeljanova – helping with celebrations. Continue reading

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Gardening Is Good

Gardening Is Good, Very, Very GoodGardening Is Good, Very, Very Good

Gardening is good and quite underrated in many cultures. Personally, I think this societal oversight needs correcting. Continue reading

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You Know You Want It

Nikia AYou Know You Want It

Russia’s Nikia Rylsky aka Nikia A is the perfect example of how attitude plays a greater role in hotness than does endowment. That “You know you want it,” pose and look totally takes precedent over this spinner’s lack of curves. Continue reading

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Treating Coulrophobia

Treating CoulrophobiaTreating Coulrophobia Through Exposure Therapy

Coulrophobia – that’d be the real but not formally recognized as a diagnosis fear of clowns – is easily treated through the use of exposure therapy. One just has to be exposed to clowns in a context that strips away or replaces the anxiety. Continue reading

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Sick Girl

Sick GirlSick Girl

This tattooed Latina may be a sick girl but her and her sugar skull tat sure look sweet … with just the right amount of hot spiciness to be supremely tasty. Continue reading

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