Lovely Little Apples

Lovely Little ApplesSuch Lovely Little Apples

Ahh, a sweet, young redhead picking some lovely, little apples. It makes one long for pie.

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Monday Morning Milfs 139

Monday Morning Milfs

It’s another Autumn Monday, so my suggestion is for you all to warm up before work with some fine, hot Milfs.

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She Might Need A Sweater

She Might Need A Sweater

Given the fast cooling, Autumn weather many places, she just might need a sweater. The thing is, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, the hottest sweaters are those which either are or are worn in such away as to be not quite warm enough. 😛

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Do You Have Trichophilia?

Do You Have Trichophilia?Do You Have Trichophilia?

Do you have Trichophilia? If so, she’s one of the ones for you. But hey! Even if you don’t have a hair fetish, she’s probably one of the ones for you.

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Is It A Bit Nipply?

Is It A Bit Nipply?

Given that it’s November, colder weather is to be expected here in the North. Is it a bit nipply out? Yeah, it is – but that’s not too much of a torment.

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