Monday Morning Milfs 117

Monday Morning Milfs

Is it Monday morning? Yes. Hence, to ease you into the week, here’s 9 fine Milfs for your titillation and health.

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Bow Wow Wow?

Bow Wow WowBow Wow Wow?

Just an extraordinarily cute, little spinner coming out of a doggy costume. Ummm…Bow Wow Wow?

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Yamato Nadeshiko

Yamato Nadeshiko

Yamato nadeshiko is a Japanese term meaning the personification of an idealized Japanese woman, the epitome of pure, feminine beauty whose good traits which are becoming increasingly rare in the modern age.

Rare, however, does not mean extinct, as these women prove.

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No Salt, No Lime, Just Latinas

No Salt, No Lime, Just Latinas

Hey! It’s Cinco de Mayo or, as I like to call it, Día de Beber Aficionado. Personally, I’d rather celebrate sans salt, lime, and even tequila. Latina hotties are quite enough for me.

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Star Wars Day

May The 4th Be With You

It’s been 38 years since Star Wars debuted in theaters – I saw it on the 5th though – on Friday, May 4, 1979. 38 years…and hotter than ever.

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