Do You Have Trichophilia?

Do You Have Trichophilia?Do You Have Trichophilia?

Do you have Trichophilia? If so, she’s one of the ones for you. But hey! Even if you don’t have a hair fetish, she’s probably one of the ones for you.

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Is It A Bit Nipply?

Is It A Bit Nipply?

Given that it’s November, colder weather is to be expected here in the North. Is it a bit nipply out? Yeah, it is – but that’s not too much of a torment.

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Have A Happy Halloween

Happy HalloweenHave A Happy Halloween

Here’s to hoping that you have a happy and hot Halloween. Remember that there’s things far sweeter than candy on offer this night.

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Monday Morning Milfs 138

Monday Morning Milfs

Another Autumn Monday, and one fraught with poor weather for those of us on America’s Eastern Seaboard. It’s definitely a good day to skip work and get with a Milf … or Milfs, if you can manage it.

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Staff Inspection

Staff InspectionStaff Inspection

It’s a centuries-old tradition for the household staff to line up for inspection before any significant event, including the return of the Master or Mistress after an absence. Sometimes the old ways are best ways.

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