Monday Morning Milfs 113

Monday Morning Milfs

It’ a fine Spring morning. The only thing wrong about it is that it’s a another Monday. Still, Milfs make anything better, even Monday mornings.

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Monday Morning Milfs 112

Monday Morning Milfs

As it’s Monday, here’s a gallery of fine, hot Milfs to help invigorate your morning and to help you start the day and week off in a somewhat better mood.

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Interesting Weather

Interesting Weather - Cold enough for fur but warm enough for nothing elseWe’re Having Some Interesting Weather

We’re certainly having some interesting weather in the Northeastern US right now. It’s cold enough for a woman to wear fur and warm enough for her to wear nothing else.

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WTF! It’s April Fools Day

WTF! It’s April Fools Day, Why Not?

I figure that it’s April Fools Day so WTF. Might as well post a gallery of babes that were interesting but a little too outre, weird, disturbing, or just plain crazy to post in the normal course of events.

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Straight Outta Rivendell

Vaire - Straight Outta Rivendell And Into Our DreamsStraight Outta Rivendell

Vaire or, more properly, VairĂ« stepped straight outta Rivendell and into our better dreams, where I’m more than sure that she’ll weave a tapestry of adoration and lust.

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