Angels Of Bangkok

The capital of Thailand is the exotic and erotic city that Westerners call Bangkok, which means village on the river. In Thai the city is known as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, The City of Angels.

I Think that the Thai people have the right of it. 😀

Angels of Bangkok

As these Thai beauties prove, the city is more truly the City of Angels than a mere town on the river. Indeed these hotties lend weight to another, older name for the city, Thonburi Si Mahasamut, City of Treasures Gracing the Ocean.

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2 Responses to Angels Of Bangkok

  1. Great pics, but I wonder, how many of them are actually women?

    • jonolan says:

      I think that they’re all women but, given the quality of Thai sex-change procedures, I could possibly be wrong.

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