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Film School Girl?

Film School Girl?Film School Girl?

I’m just guessing but I think this particular pale, redheaded schoolgirl just might be a film school student. 😆 Continue reading

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Eight Ball, Corner Pocket


Eight Ball, Corner Pocket
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Unless she scratches, Lucie Wilde’s going to win this game of pool. Kind of makes you wonder what the bet on the game was. 😉 Continue reading

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Happy Fourth of July

Flying The FlagHappy Fourth of July

It’s always good to fly the American flag on Independence Day. It’s even better to celebrate what makes America so great. 😉 Continue reading

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The Sunday Paper

Reading The Sunday Paper

I’ve always enjoyed reading the Sunday paper but now I think I’d rather just watch a woman do so instead, especially if she’s anything like beautiful, redheaded, Russian spinner, Julia Yaroshenko. Continue reading

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Introducing Kato The Red

Kate Lambert with red hairKato The Red

In truth, for any who make a habit of visiting the World Of Hotness, Kato aka Wales’ Kate Lambert needs no introduction. It’s just that she normally has platinum blond or white hair, not the stunning red she’s boasting this time. Continue reading

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