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Passion’s Willing Slave

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She’s Chain Solely By Her Passion
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London Andrews definitely seems to be slave, though only to her passions. And, as she’s a delightfully curvy and voluptuous soft-bodied woman, shackles or not, she’s likely to rule any man she chooses. Continue reading

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Happy Humpday

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Happy Humpday

Well, it’s Wednesday, otherwise known as Hump Day, so here’s some fine “humps” – some phat and luscious, a couple that are more tight and pert – to help make it a happy one. Continue reading

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Their Hips Don’t Lie

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Their Hips Don’t Lie

No matter may come from their mouths, the hips don’t lie. Babes like these were purpose-built for comforting, loving, and making babies.
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Bombing Run

The Blonde Bombshell is an old pop-culture term for a blonde babe who is the definition of voluptuous – Grade A tits combined with a grade A ass. Stacked, soft, and curvy, the blonde bombshell has an incendiary effect upon all who see her.

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This Bombing Run’s Incendiary Ordnance

Well, the World of Hotness has loaded up on blonde bombshells and is doing a full bombing run on the internet this morning. 😛 Don’t mind the siren; don’t seek shelter; just enjoy! Continue reading

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Chocolate Bombe

Fine Tatted Ass
Chocolate Bombe

In cooking and dining a “bombe” is a rich, domed confection and I cannot think of few better after dinner treats than her fine chocolate bombe. Continue reading

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