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A Katosian Summer Day

Katosian Summer DayEnjoy A Katosian Summer Day

Oh yes! I think most of us would better enjoy a Summer day if it included Kato aka Kate Lambert. If it included a beautiful, secluded meadow as well, that would indeed make it even better. Continue reading

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And Another Cold Snap

Lucia Javorcekova enjoys a cold snapAnd Another Cold Snap

Spring? Warm Weather? What are these things? Up here in NYC we got a taste of them earlier in the week, but we’re in another cold snap. Makes a man – and a number of women – wish for someone like Slovakia’s Lucia Javorcekova to help them deal with the cold weather. Continue reading

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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

It’s 2017’s Groundhog Day! And, while this is primarily an American “holiday,” it’s nice to see a Latvian beauty – Sabine Jemeljanova – helping with celebrations. Continue reading

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Shout From The Rooftops

Angela on a rooftopShout From The Rooftops

Oh yes! With a lovely, golden-haired, Ukrainian babe like Angela around, a shout from the rooftops in happiness is very much in order. Continue reading

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Head To The Hills

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Head To The Hills

Discretion is sometimes the better part of valor, and sometimes you just need to get away from the stress of the world. Hence, do be ashamed to head to the hills. Continue reading

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