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Hot Steamy Latina

Hot Steamy LatinaHot Steamy Latina

What’s even better than the delights of a Latina spinner? Those of a hot, steamy Latina spinner of course. Continue reading

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She Will Run The Table


She Will Run The Table
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There’s little to no doubt that a pretty – and smirking – Latina like her is going to run the table on you. And, if you give her the chance – and you should! – she’ll run a lot more. 😉 Continue reading

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¡Frutillas con Crema!

paola-rios-strawberry-tits ¡Hola Cariño! Tener Algunas Frutillas Cony Crema
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Mmmmmm, strawberries and cream – a popular Summer dessert in Paraguay, made even more delicious by the way Paola Rios has served it up. Continue reading

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It’s May 5th, So…

Happy, Hot Cinco De Mayo

Hey! It’s May 5th, aka Cinco De Mayo. While this is a very modern and very artificially and commercially created holiday, that’s no reason not to celebrate both it and beauty and passion of Latinas. Continue reading

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Sun Kissed Latinas

Sun Kissed Latinas

Though perhaps overutilized and almost trite in it’s stereotypicality, here are 12 beautiful Latinas showing how the use of light and shadow in imagery can and will bring a whole new dimension of beauty to the subject. Continue reading

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