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Try Some Exotic Food

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Try Some Exotic Food

It’s a brand new year. Try something a little different, a little outside your comfort zone. Perhaps you might start with expanding your palate and trying some exotic food. Continue reading

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A Dark Alternative

Whether you call them Punk Girls, Goth Chicks, Scene Girls, or Alternative Babes, you probably automatically think of White babes when you do so.

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A Dark Alternative Is Hot!

That’s sort of a shame since there are some delightfully hot Black babes who are just as into those alternative scenes as the White girls. True, they’re rarer but they exist and they deserve equal attention. 😉 Continue reading

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She Loves Pumpkin

PumpkinShe Loves Pumpkin

Like many goth babes, Scar 13 loves Halloween. She’s also got quite an unusual fondness for pumpkins and by unusual I mean hot and freaky. Continue reading

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OK But Just A Sip

The daughters of the night get thirsty on Halloween and that’s all to the good. I’d be the last one to fail to give a vampire babe like her a wee dram of vitae.

VampiressTrick Or Treat!

That being said, it’d best be kept to a wee dram. I hate feeling drained the next morning. 😛 Continue reading

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Scary Hot Babes

Halloween night is fast approaching and with it comes the spine tingling combination of wonder and fear.
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These Babes Aren’t Just Hot, They’re Scary Hot

It’s a great time to take a walk on the darker, wilder side and these hotties, sexy and a little scary, are just the daughters of darkness to guide your way. Continue reading

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