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Hi-Caliber Hotness

Cold weather, laden with snow and ice, can be beautiful but it also can be uncomfortable. Sometimes you have to arm yourself against the cold.

Cold Weather Requires Hi-Caliber Hotness

And Jesikah Maximus, a delightfully phat assed Mexican hottie, is definately rocking the hardware with her heavily modified prototype HK 417. Between her smoking looks, scorching hot body, and serious firepower she could easily light a fire hot enough to ward off the cold. Continue reading

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Going Hunting

I’ve never understood why, in America, hunting is thought of as a primarily male sport. Many women not only excel at hunting but add a certain beauty to the endeavor.

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Hunting, It’s A Beautiful Sport

Whether it’s upland bird hunting with shotguns or lowland forest hunting for other game, sporty babes just make an already great sport better. Continue reading

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The Love Sniper

Poor Cupid; he and his little bow and arrows just couldn’t cope with the modern world’s lusts, loves, and dating. He’s been replaced by a more savvy and efficient agent of infatuation, the Love Sniper.

Love Sniper - Her dope is good, very good.
Cupid And His Little Bow Couldn’t Cope Anymore. So…

Forget the chubby little cherub with the bow. Now we’ve got the hot redhead mostly in a ghillie suit with a M82 Barrett “Light Fifty” .50 Cal sniper rifle. 😯 Continue reading

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The country life breeds beauty and strength, and a certain fierce determination and self-reliance as this fine gunslinger shows to great effect.

Gunslinger Girl - Is that a Peacemaker or a Piecemaker?
Someone Call The Sheriff

I don’t really think this babe needs that Colt Peacemaker though. She’d be loaded for bear even without it. 😆 Continue reading

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