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Daisy’s A Little Rebel

Daisy's A Little RebelDaisy’s A Little Rebel

More than a little unexpectedly geeky, Daisy Haze is a sassy, little rebel. At least that’s the way I interpret her having the Rebel Alliance logo tattooed where she does. Continue reading

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Send More Stormtroopers

Hot DroidSend More Stormtroopers

I think we need to send more stormtroopers. The ones we sent reported that they found the droid that they were looking for but we haven’t heard from them since.

Any volunteers? Continue reading

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2015’s Cyber Monday!

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Girls Of Cyber Monday

Well, it’s another Cyber Monday – the internet’s response to Black Friday. I’ve got to say that the best part of it is that, if you decide you do want to join in the post-Thanksgiving orgy of consumerism, Cyber Monday lets you do it while staying in bed. Continue reading

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Go Softly, My Friends

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Go Softly, My Friends

No – I don’t want you rage, rage against the dying of the light. I want you to go softly into that good night. For you and I are wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, and learned not to grieved it on its way, and can go all smiling into that soft night. Continue reading

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Good Morning, April

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Good Morning, April
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And it would be a very good morning if it started with greeting a beautiful, little woman like April O’Neil – and being greeted by her busty wonderousness and her bright smile. Really! Who wouldn’t want to start the day seeing a 5’1″ sub-100 Lbs beauty like April in their bed? And, better yet, she’s openly bisexual so those ladies out there that also like ladies have a fair shot as well. Continue reading

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