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I think She’s Had Enough

She's Had EnoughI think She’s Had Enough

Yeah, I think she’s had enough to drink for the evening. It’s time to take her home and put her to bed. 🙂 Continue reading

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She’s Having Fun With It

Having FunShe’s Having Fun With It

This sweet and sassy brunette babe knows not to take things so seriously all the the time and to have fun with it. Continue reading

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Tread Carefully

[singlepic id=4258 w=580 float=center]

Tread Carefully, Gentlemen
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Yes, this tattooed and lightly pierced “alternative” Asian “scene girl” is pretty hot but tread carefully, gentlemen. According to normative interpretations of the Hanky Code that navy blue bandanna on her left wrist means she’s curious about fucking…as a top. Continue reading

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Annual Performance Review

I wish she were my bossAnnual Performance Review

There’s a lot to be said against many modern business practices. However, the shift towards less confrontation performance reviews is quite nice. It’s certainly raised employee morale and improved management relations. Continue reading

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Indoor And Outdoor

[singlepic id=3565 w=300 float=left]Indoor Pussy[/singlepic]
[singlepic id=3566 w=300 float=right]Outdoor Pussy[/singlepic]
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There’s a lot of debate over how one should keep one’s pussy. Some say that indoors is the only good and safe way to do so, while others say that outdoors provides your pussy more freedom and happiness. Continue reading

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