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Ah, the ever so beautiful but oft overlooked Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. ‘Tis a shameful thing that both priests and poets thought so little of her throughout the ages. Continue reading

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Cardio Stress Test

Cardio Stress Test - It’s Time For Your Cardio Stress Test

All the initial test look good. Are you ready for your cardio stress test? Got to get that heart-rate elevated and keep it up for a while. Continue reading

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The Ball And Chain

Roos Van MontfortThe Ball And Chain – Not A Bad Thing At All

It’s not uncommon for men to call – hopefully in jest – their women their ball and chain. Truly, that’s an unfairly negative appelation…especially if that ball and chain is the Netherlands’ Roos Van Montfort. Continue reading

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More, More, And More

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More, More, And More

That would be more Kato, more Steampunk and Neo-Victorian beauty, and more Sapphism, this time between Kato and Fate. Continue reading

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Not Just Strong …

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Not Just Strong, Lesbian Strong

Yeah, these extremely muscled babes aren’t just strong; they’re lesbian strong. 😉 Continue reading

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