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Right In The Sweet Spot

Michelle Amara - She Right In The Sweet SpotShe’s Right In The Sweet Spot

Michelle Amara is one of those rare, stunning beauties who’s right in the sweet spot between hardbodied and soft, between thick and tight, and between fit and curvy. Continue reading

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Getting Her Geek Off

Lacey Banghard Getting Her Geek OffLacey Banghard Getting Her Geek Off

When presented with a British, half-Indian, half-White, softbodied sweetheart like Lacey Banghard, what geek wouldn’t be drooling? Hell! What man wouldn’t be, geekish or not? Continue reading

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No Hair? I Don’t Care

No Hair? So What?No Hair? I Don’t Care

Yeah, I, like most of us, like women’s hair. Still, bald is beautiful too and, if she’s got the looks without it, I don’t care if she’s got no hair. Continue reading

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A Beautiful Beach Morning


A Beautiful Beach Morning
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A Beautiful and bountiful morning at the beach indeed. That’s a great start to almost any day, vacation or otherwise. Continue reading

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Dazzled And Dazzling

Dazzled and DazzlingDazzled And Dazzling

This strikingly alluring, curvy Asian babe has taken the bindi to the next tier. She’s not just dazzled, she absolutely dazzling. Continue reading

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